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BVA's valuation experts provide an independent assessment of the value of your business that is objective, insightful and supportable. This detailed analysis provides an indication of the future potential for your company and is an essential management tool for many planning strategies. A steadily increasing number of circumstances call for a corporate valuation and our experts at BVA will assist you in making knowledgeable and value-driven business decisions.You can be confident that we have the credibility to provide you with the following valuation support...

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Reasons why you should choose Business Valuation Advisors to do your business valuation for you

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We specialise in valuations of businesses. Our valuation professionals have expertise in a wide variety of industries and can meet a variety of complex valuation needs for companies and other large or small entities.


Our business valuations have been accepted by clients, buyers, sellers, partners, advocates, attorneys, investors, auditors, banks, SARS (South African Revenue Services) etc. Our valuation advice has been validated by real world transactions.


BVA provides unbiased, independent business valuation advice and stakes its reputation on every valuation report. Clients, buyers, sellers, auditors and investors make important financial decisions based on valuations that can dramatically impact people's lives. If you are looking for a professional unbiased and objective valuation opinion, BVA is the business valuation firm for you.

Our integrity, objectivity, sound judgement, commitment to a quality service and our proven track record are a few of the reasons Business Valuation Advisors is the distinctive choice for business valuations in Africa.

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Our Client Testimonials

We are very proud to say that our clients have often recommended our valuation services to their peers.

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Business Valuation

Know what your company is worth in today's marketplace. Knowing the value of your business is critical.

A business valuation is important to ensure the management of the company is maximising and unlocking wealth to it's shareholders. This should be measured on an annual basis to ensure the company concentrates on the key value drivers.

Most business owners use Annual Financial Statements as the basis for the financial management and presentation of their business.

While financial statements may be good for financial reporting and tax compliance, Annual Financial Statements do not reflect years of hard work in creating shareholder wealth. The business goodwill or other intangible values, which represents a major part of what the business is worth, are not addressed in the Annual Financial Statements.

For a business to grow and expand in today's market, capital and financing are essential. The financial presentation reflecting what the business is worth can be a powerful tool in dealing with financial institutions, suppliers and customers.

A Business valuation is essential when the owner is ready to consider selling the business or to better understand the key value drivers to maximise shareholder wealth going forward.

Our Client Base

Our clients range from leading multinational companies to new and growing enterprises, from large family businesses to private individuals. And they're located nationally and globally extending well beyond South Africa to clients in Namibia, United States of America, France, Germany and Australia.
We are proud to say that many of our clients have been recommending us to their peers for over 20 years.

Some of our clients include...

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