Why you should choose us to do your Business Valuation

Business Valuation Advisors (BVA) was founded in 1997 when current Managing Director Wynand Rossouw saw a clear opportunity to combine his extensive experience and expertise in the valuation and financial analysis field with a focus on giving clients the most appropriate business valuation service for their needs or business circumstance.

Since then BVA has performed literally thousands of valuations in nearly all major business sectors locally and globally including agriculture, automotive and transportation, business services, construction, power companies, mining, financial services, health care, medical services, hospitality, insurance, technology, manufacturing, property, publishing and printing, restaurants, retail, telecommunications and more.

BVA are a team of professional staff members who have worked together through some of the trickiest business valuation challenges imaginable. This experience base enables us to leap boldly into unchartered territory and just get the job done. It is this collective experience and extra-mile attitude that contributes to the formula that has been the cornerstone of BVA's success over the years.

The best evidence to measure the success of our formula lies in the long-term relationships and continued service to our clients and the referrals we receive from them and many of the top accounting firms, legal teams and business brokers.


We specialise in valuations of businesses. Our valuation professionals have expertise in a wide variety of industries and can meet a variety of complex valuation needs for companies and other large or small entities.


Our business valuations have been accepted by clients, buyers, sellers, partners, advocates, attorneys, investors, auditors, banks, SARS (South African Revenue Services) etc. Our valuation advice has been validated by real world transactions.


BVA provides unbiased, independent business valuation advice and stakes its reputation on every valuation report. Clients, buyers, sellers, auditors and investors make important financial decisions based on valuations that can dramatically impact people's lives. If you are looking for a professional unbiased and objective valuation opinion, BVA is the business valuation firm for you.

Our integrity, objectivity, sound judgement, commitment to a quality service and our proven track record are a few of the reasons Business Valuation Advisors is the distinctive choice for business valuation engagements.

Our experience and integrity is what we are about

Business Valuation Advisors

Proven Track Record
Sound Judgement
Commitment to Quality Service