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Testimonials from our Clients

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" Great Interaction with BVA and a pleasure to work with the team. BVA Provided us with an easy to use independent option valuation model for our E&SD Fund. Good customer communication and solid fundamental principles bedded down before project kick-off. Great output at an affordable price. "

" BVA was very professional in all aspects. They are on the ball and the personal service is phenomenal. It is evident that they have a lot of experience and also that they do their job well and with passion. I would re-assure potential clients that they can easily decide to go with BVA our experience was 100% positive. BVA delivered on what they promised and the result was extremely correct, accurate, backed by well substantiated evidence and we were overall very pleased with the entire process. "

" When talking to BVA we got the feeling that they understood what really happens in a business on the ground and not from the perspective of a high flyer theoretical style consultant. They had a great turnaround time and were flexible and accessible with their times to fit into our schedule and deadline. I would encourage other businesses to use BVA for a business valuation. "

" I decided to use BVA based on Wynand's growing reputation and association with Charles Hattingh. Wynand performed a valuation of a subsidiary company in our Group that required a somewhat different approach and confirmation of the valuation due to some contentious points. The valuation was performed with insight and professionalism. The comprehensive valuation report covered all angles and all conceivable problems. I will definitely use BVA again should the occasion arise and heartily recommend them to anyone who wants a quality service. "

" I want to thank you for the very professional and detailed valuation provided to us on short notice and at a most reasonable fee. As you know our clients were involved in a high value dispute that ended up in mediation and in which the valuation of the group was key. Given the quality and detail of the valuation done by you, it had to be accepted by the other parties and saved us many hours of finding common ground on this key issue. The valuation produced by you paved the way to a speedy and fair resolution of the disputes between the parties. I am most grateful for being introduced to you and shall undoubtedly make use of your services again. "

" We have made use of Business Valuation Advisors on a number of occasions now, and our overriding experience has been that of professionalism and customer focus. BVA has performed valuation exercises on a group basis and for individual subsidiaries for purposes of investor buy-ins, deceased estates and BEE transactions. BVA has consistently met our needs, often on very short notice, and have shown themselves to both reliable and efficient in all that has been asked of them. I would feel no hesitation in recommending their valuation services to any business requiring such. "

" Working with BVA was a pleasure in a business sense. We found Wynand to be a very professional person to work with. We benefited in the sense that the valuation of a business is a very specific discipline where you need expert advice on very important transactions and the main aim is to work with somebody that you trust and that you know has the knowledge and experience. The link to Charles Hattingh is also very important as he is a well-known and respected person in the financial world and that gives you comfort in experience. BVA can ask any potential client that cannot decide on using BVA's services to contact me personally and I will convince them. Working with BVA was successful in the sense that the results given to us gave us comfort in making our decisions. I have referred a potential client to BVA yesterday that may need a valuation. "

" The expertise and professional competence shown by BVA was truly satisfying. It is worthwhile to make a small contribution which could lead to a much bigger return or gain in the future. Over and above the increase in value; we highlighted certain SWOT areas which we could improve and capitalise on which could benefit our day to day running of the business as well. It just not just had a direct improvement but a 'more valuable' in-direct improvement. I would recommend BVA any day. Not to my competitor's though ! "

" BVA helped me make a sound decision on my investment. They also saved me from making a hasty decision of buying a business that looked good but that was not making the turnover to recover my investment. The valuation showed me that there was no long term growth, something that I would never have known if BVA did not do the research that clearly showed me that I am buying into a business that was heading for failure. BVA was always professional and the valuation result was clearly set out, effective and answered my questions. When making a decision to buy a business it is absolutely important to get a true valuation of what it is worth and know what the time period is to recover your funds invested, only then can you make a sound decision on buying. I would most certainly encourage potential clients to make use of BVA's service, it is money well spent and the results are excellent. "

" When I decided on a management buyout the task of obtaining a business evaluation seemed very daunting and drew images of a long drawn out and exhausting process. My experience with BVA was the exact opposite with a personalized and professional service as well as detailed and experienced approach. Both the finance houses and our board of directors were extremely comfortable with the professional process and the resultant valuation which helped me to conclude the deal within 3 weeks. The banks commented that this was the fastest deal they had ever seen and to a large extent this was due to BVA, as many know that the business evaluation is what normally delays the process. I have been involved with other business evaluations and can comfortably say that BVA are definitely the market leaders in this field in my opinion. "

" I found BVA very efficient and professional. The benefit of using BVA is the valuation was from an unbiased and professional team. That enabled the partners within the organisation to base their views and arguments around this valuation and to eventually come to an agreement popular or unpopular but based on a factual valuation. Thank you. "

" Fast, professional, cost-effective and knowledgeable service and assistance. "

" Dankie vir jou verslag, dit lyk rerig puik! Top kwaliteit. "

" We decided to use BVA for the sale of our business based on their professional and market value approach used to verify the business value prior to acquisition. As any one can imagine the sale of a business that you have built up over a number of years can be daunting, but using BVA it becomes a hassle free exercise with a concise and true valuation that takes into account previous and future performance of the business instead of just pure previous financial performance. We benefitted from working with BVA because we obtained a true market value range, taking into account future performance and goodwill that could possibly exist. We felt the analysis BVA did come to a realistic value for the business to form the basis for potential acquirer negotiations. You were extremely helpful and very professional in the entire process. Myself and the other shareholders appreciated your feedback which assisted us with sale of business negotiations. As one can imagine each potential acquirer has their own method to value a business, but with BVA we had the basis and limits for negotiation leading to the successful sale of the business to Bidvest. With BVA we knew that our interests were always the number one priority and strict confidentiality was always maintained throughout the process. I would highly recommend BVA to anyone thinking of selling their business as the evaluation process is sound and concise and will assist an owner to find the best strategic purchaser to take their business forward for the best possible price for both parties."

" From the outset, we found it pleasant to work with BVA due to the following:

  1. Using known, proven methodologies
  2. Expertise
  3. Ongoing collaboration
  4. Defined flexibility
  5. Meeting set deadlines
We would most definitely refer BVA for the abovementioned reasons. The Evaluation Report, including methods used as well as methodologies and supporting documents, are factual and therefore can be contested as and when required by potential investors. "

" I would like to thank BVA for the excellent service we received while you were evaluating our business. Your service and commitment are without question the best and even going as far as correcting our auditors on the mistakes they made in the year 2012. Least but not last the way the whole procedure was presented. In any of your future dealings with new customers please feel free and only with the greatest of pleasure to give me a call Mr Russell Christie Labels by Rusbar for a recommendation. Thanks once again, your service excelled itself. "

" I am very appreciative of the great service received. The service at BVA was efficient and professional. I received exactly what I was looking for in record time. I would highly recommend using BVA, if you are looking for an organization that is capable of serving you with your valuation needs. The members of BVA know exactly what they are doing. "

" On the recommendation of our auditors (J.Theron & Associates Inc.) our company approached BVA for an independent valuation of our company. The valuation was required for a very important legal matter and it was imperative that the valuation be thorough, impartial and factually absolutely correct. The valuation was conducted by BVA in a highly professional, efficient, expedient and very cost-effective manner. The comprehensive valuation report was completed within a week. The entire process was extremely convenient as everything was handled electronically with a few telephone conversations in between. No time or money was wasted with lengthy meetings or unnecessary requests for documentation. We are of the opinion that all pertinent documentation was courteously requested in a friendly yet professional manner and that the valuation was thorough, factual and fair and based on sound, good accounting practice. Our dealings with Wynand Rossouw of BVA were very positive and Ross Tools highly recommends the services rendered by Business Valuation Advisors (BVA). "

" It was definitely a good option to make use of BVA's services. We were able to get confirmation from BVA's valuation that we were originally on the right track and this confirmation paved the way forward for us in resolving the dispute that we had. We were able to get the information and answers we needed in order to settle our dispute in a short period of time. I would tell potential clients of BVA that the BVA team is professional, friendly, easy to work with and most importantly, the quality of BVA's work, knowledge and advice is first class. Thanks for all your help. We will no doubt make use of BVA's services in the future, should the need arise. "

" As a company we benefited by knowing what the value of our business is and the options available to us in terms of future prospects and growth. Working with BVA was successful because BVA provided us with a detailed report which clearly explained amongst other the business value. I would definitely recommend BVA, their team is very professional and the turnaround time is amazing. Our requests, queries or questions were attended to in record time. "

" Selling a business or shares these days are not so easy. You need to have information available to convince the buyer that he is buying into a sustainable and profitable business with peace of mind. The services BVA supply give the seller the tools to convince the buyer to buy into the business. Assist both parties to make an informed decision and secure their future in business. "

" It was really a pleasure working with you. What impressed me at the onset was the following:

  1. I got the impression from the onset that I was more than a number.
  2. The service and the way in which the business was explained was clear and left no grey areas.
  3. The price was reasonable and promised deadlines were honored. This is not common.
  4. The reports were done impartially and I was very impressed when the results came and the model was explained.
  5. Inputs were welcomed and I never felt excluded.
  6. The biggest compliment was possibly that everyone accepted your projections as fair and reasonable.
  7. The job was thorough and saved us a load of time and money that could have been wasted in arguments and law suits.
I will definitely make use of your services again in the future if the opportunity arises. "

" We feel that BVA has allowed us to make the right decision in purchasing the business. Wynand was extremely professional and thorough in his approach. We took a lot of comfort from this and we would recommend BVA to other people. "

" A potential buyer of our business introduced us to Business Valuation Advisors (BVA) in order for them to conduct a due diligence of the business on their behalf. During the whole process they have asked us pertinent questions relating to the operation of the business and the financial aspects thereof. It was done in an inquiring and professional way and at no stage did we doubt that confidentiality will be maintained. We can certainly recommend them to any business who may require their services. "

" We interacted very well with Wynand and it was a pleasure to work with him. The report is well and professionally prepared. We intend to use the valuation report in all our future negotiations with potential buyers and banks. "

" I was enticed to buy over an existing practice, where I initially did not run a thorough audit as I went on good faith; and so things did not go according to plan. I then had to seek professional help to establish the value of this existing practice, to further defend my legal case. I came across BVA and I was impressed with their professionalism, and they talked me through the entire process. My valuation was completed within days. I highly recommend BVA to anyone who is looking to buy any sort of business. Thank you for all your help on this matter! "

" We had a business valuation done for four of our companies and found the service to be efficient and informative. It allowed us to have a clear understanding of the value of our business and enabled us to plan accordingly. "

" We felt confident we would get a good service and a reliable, well supported valuation. The BVA team are quite knowledgeable about the valuation process, about potential contentious points that might come up, as well as industry practice, so we felt confident they would do a good job for us. Wynand answered all questions we had in full. The communication was handled professionally, there were agreements in place with a defined procedure which was followed. Wynand also handled himself professionally, kept us well informed and offered sound advice. "

" I needed to establish a fair value independently from my Auditors. In my opinion if you want an accurate and fair valuation for your business I would advise to use BVA. The cost involved is worth the information supplied. BVA got lots of detailed information from me and I feel they analyzed it fairly. "

" Fast results when we needed them. We would definitely advise other business owners to use BVA. Very professional approach and we got what we needed very fast. "

" I have read the valuation document and think it is a fair appraisal and if I may add very professional too. Thanks. "

" I would like to thank you for the very thorough presentation of the valuation - it has gone a long way in assisting both myself and my accountant and of course interested buyers. "

" The end result is what I wanted and the pricing fit our pocket. BVA were professional and communicated well. I would use BVA again for a valuation on my business. "

" We used BVA for a valuation of our business and found Wynand to be most professional and diligent in his manner and handling of the project. We have no hesitation in giving him the highest recommendation. "