BVA Business Valuation Reports

BVA's valuation experts provide an independent assessment of the value of your business that is objective, insightful and supportable.

We tailor each business valuation engagement to the needs of your particular business interest. Our team engages in a detailed analysis of your company and will provide you with an independent, business valuation report to give you an indication of the future potential for your company and an essential management tool for many planning strategies.

We offer the following valuation products and depending on your situation (usually after an initial conversation with you to determine the purpose of the valuation and a review of your financial statements) we will suggest the best valuation report to fit your requirement to determine an accurate and fair market value of your business.

Comprehensive Business Valuation Reports

A comprehensive business valuation review and analysis of the business is adequately substantiated and set out in a detailed valuation report. The comprehensive business valuation report has a greater independent analysis of the business, referencing the last five years of Annual Financial Statements for the business, CAPEX studies, sensitivity analysis, Monte Carlo simulation and graphs.

Estimate Business Valuation Reports

The Estimate Valuation Report is a slightly scaled down report. The analysis and valuation part is the same as the Comprehensive Valuation Report however it excludes the sensitivity analysis (Monte Carlo simulations) and the graphical illustrations.

Calculation Valuation Report

The Calculation Valuation Report contains a calculation as to the value of shares or an interest in a business. It is based on minimal review and analysis and with little or no substantiation of relevant information. The report is set out as a concise valuation certificate. A Calculation Valuation Report carries the lowest cost but also has a lower level of assurance.

Valuation Report Reviews

The review of a valuation report performed by another valuation appraiser is sometimes necessary for a quality and trustworthiness check of an appraiser's work. Our review is not a repeated valuation engagement and our conclusion of the review is presented in an analysis report/opinion document.

Our integrity, objectivity, sound judgement, commitment to a quality service and our proven track record are a few of the reasons Business Valuation Advisors is the distinctive choice for business valuations.

BVA Business Valuation Reports - to guide to selecting the different business valuation products we can do for companies

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