Other Valuation Services

We deliver business valuations and financial analysis appropriate to the specific circumstances for which they are required, which include:

  • DuPont Financial Analysis
  • Return on Equity (ROE) Calculation
  • Share Option Valuations
  • Deceased Estate Valuations
  • Capital Gains Tax Calculations
  • Dissenting shareholder appraisal rights
  • Minority shareholder oppression

Business Valuation Services

Business Valuation Advisors

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Business Valuation Services"... We decided to use BVA for the sale of our business based on their professional and market value approach used to verify the business value prior to acquisition. As any one can imagine the sale of a business that you have built up over a number of years can be daunting, but using BVA it becomes a hassle free exercise with a concise and true valuation that takes into account previous and future performance of the business instead of just pure previous financial performance. We benefitted from working with BVA because we obtained a true market value range, taking into account future performance and goodwill that could possibly exist. We felt the analysis BVA did come to a realistic value for the business to form the basis for potential acquirer negotiations. You were extremely helpful and very professional in the entire process. Myself and the other shareholders appreciated your feedback which assisted us with sale of business negotiations. As one can imagine each potential acquirer has their own method to value a business, but with BVA we had the basis and limits for negotiation leading to the successful sale of the business to Bidvest. With BVA we knew that our interests were always the number one priority and strict confidentiality was always maintained throughout the process. I would highly recommend BVA to anyone thinking of selling their business as the evaluation process is sound and concise and will assist an owner to find the best strategic purchaser to take their business forward for the best possible price for both parties...."

Mr D.C. Mulligan - Managing Director of PHAMBILI Interface (Pty) Ltd.
(South African Distributor for Weidmüller)

Business Valuation Services"...On the recommendation of our auditors, our company approached BVA for an independent valuation of our company. The valuation was required for a very important legal matter and it was imperative that the valuation be thorough, impartial and factually absolutely correct. The valuation was conducted by BVA in a highly professional, efficient, expedient and very cost-effective manner. The comprehensive valuation report was completed within a week. The entire process was extremely convenient as everything was handled electronically with a few telephone conversations in between. No time or money was wasted with lengthy meetings or unnecessary requests for documentation. We are of the opinion that all pertinent documentation was courteously requested in a friendly yet professional manner and that the valuation was thorough, factual and fair and based on sound, good accounting practice. Our dealings with Wynand Rossouw of BVA were very positive and Ross Tools highly recommends the services rendered by Business Valuation Advisors (BVA)..."

Ms R. Fitzpatrick - Finance Director of Ross Technical Products